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Teresa Foszczka

ul. Brzozowa 4

95-030 Rzgów


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Our company has been on the market for about 40 years now. Initially, we were mostly preoccupied with greenhouse-growing of plants, but since the year 1980, we have been also multiplying plants with the in vitro methods in the tissue cultures lab. Our laboratory was established in order to multiply orchids such as cymbidium and paphiopedilum first of all. After a short period of time, during which we learned about the technology of multiplying plants itself, we started cooperation with Schreurs which is a Dutch company who, at that time, grew new varieties of gerbera. Started with a couple of thousands of seedlings, our fast-developing cooperation lets us now reach the volume of about 2 million gerbera seedlings sent per year.

We use the micro-seedlings to grow the gerbera young plants, for further greenhouse cultivation by growers in Poland, and also in Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We are Schreurs autorized partner and the young plants undergo the license payment.

The text of the Agreement for Cultivation of Cut Flowers avaiblabe here

Young plants for gardens ornamental grasses,  heuchera

For a few years now, we are also producing seedlings to be used in garden. The offer comprises a wide range of ornamental grass types and heuchera, and it is still made wider with new varieties gained from the renowned foreign – mostly Dutch and American - companies.

We are also introducing our own varieties such as Miscanthus Apache , Misc. George , Misc. Joseph or a whole range of the heuchera variations. You can see the majority of the plants we offer in our show-garden. Visit to our greenhouse where you can buy young plants prepared in Multi-pallets and pots p 9 and to the garden where you can see the mature and a few-years old specimens.

Until spring, please visit our virtual garden here in the website.

The company’s address and bank account numer

Teresa Foszczka Ogrodnictwo

ul. Brzozowa 4

95-030 Rzgów

Bank account number: PEKAO S. A. O/Łódz 91 1240 1545 1111 0000 1165 4012


Tax ID number PL-729-000-21-97

Company registration number REGON 009902023

SWIFT: PKOPPLPW IBAN PL 80 1240 1545 1978 0000 1165 4025